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A-1 Exhaust Cleaning
Total Quality Restaurant Hood Exhaust Cleaning since 1980


A-1 Air Vent provides hood and exhaust cleaning services that maintain compliance with local fire codes, provide a safe and clean kitchen environment, reduction of odor and excess smoke, potential decrease in insurance cost, and reduction of wear and tear to motors, bearings and fan belts.

Upon Arrival:

  • Courtesy call from the A-1 Route Manager prior to arrival to confirm time of service
  • Walk through with location manager to go over the cleaning services that will be performed. The Route Manager can at this time identify any concerns, or problem areas that may require special consideration
  • The exhaust fan and system will be checked to see if everything is running properly and then shut down
  • The A-1 Crew will hang a plastic around all equipment and appliances and create a plastic channel to capture waste water and chemicals
  • Filters are removed and cleaned
  • Our trained technician will shoot a degreasing chemical foam from above at the rooftop, and from below to catch any remaining build-up in the system
  • If needed, build-up will be scraped out with a pole scraper
  • Steam cleaning and chemical, expertise and sometimes necessary hand scraping will remove all grease and build-up from the exhaust vent, duct work, filters, and fan
  • Once the entire system is cleaned, the Lead Technician will place a sticker showing the date cleaned with his name (per NFPA 96 standards)
  • All plastic is removed
  • The entire hood interior and exterior will be cleaned and polished
  • All cleaned filters and grease catchers will be re-installed
  • The entire area will be mopped down and will be returned to a better state than when our crew arrived
  • The system will be turned back on and tested
  • A service condition report is filled out noting the service performed and any challenges or deficiencies and a copy is left on-site
  • A certification of service cleaning is left in addition to the sticker in the hood